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Galora puts process on par with product because it's how we do things that leave a path for others and impact our community.  McGennis has cultivated his own personal approach to film, commercial and music production that involve and bring together community.  Buffalo Spree writes, "Perhaps it is this trait above all else that distinguishes McGennis... It is never just about the film.  It is about the people, the connections, the joy of the collaborative process...."  "McGennis' devotion to his hometown is unusual," writes Jeff Simon of The Buffalo News.  He has assembled a team who subscribe to his approach reaching out to individuals, agencies and companies who also believe in community reinvestment and choose not to overlook who and what we have right here in our own backyard.


“Imagine if the buy local movement were to expand to include cultural products, such as movies that speak specifically to local audiences. Imagine distinct film cultures that reflect regional characteristics, so that Cleveland, say, and Baton Rouge would each have its own scene, its own filmmakers telling local stories. And imagine that local audiences responded to those films the way they respond to the latest George Clooney vehicle. Peter McGennis makes films as if he is determined to create such an environment.” – Geoff Kelly (Editor, Artvoice)

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