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Movie Album

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

And Movie

  Limited Edition Vinyl / Commemorative Pressing (Rare)

  And Full Length Movie Download

Over twenty years ago, McGennis took his first leap of faith writing/directing/producing/music supervising his first film down in New Orleans.  The script was inspired by his friendship with a Jackson Square street artist and much of the filming was done in the French Quarter which was no "Big Easy."  McGennis had written a couple songs prior to writing the script and he reached out to composer David Kane to create an old-school funky score assigning instruments to different characters.  Jazz legend Jimmy Smith was their authentic point of departure but little did they know that the Jimmy Smith Group would wind up recording the score along with some of New Orleans finest players!  This project also marked the first time that McGennis would team up with Maria Muldaur for the theme song.  It was always McGennis' artistic vision to be able to combine movie and music.  This commemorative "movie album" marks the first time "Gravediggers" has ever been physically offered and it represents crossing a finish line.  They created something timeless, buried it and found it again.  Small in quantity, huge in meaning as this gem shines a light on the path of a true independent artist.   


"Gravediggers" (GAL-007) 

$39.95 US

                                         Side A

                                         Cimanno's Joint (1:32)

                                         The In Theme (5:51)

                                         Pete Meets Tony (3:10)

                                         Angie Meets Pete (3:24)

                                         Lafayette Groove (3:12)

                                         Winky (4:00)

                                         Side B

                                         Jacques-Imo's Groove (4:19)

                                         Pete Meets Rachel (3:26)

                                         Ass-Man Groove (2:04)

                                         Ridin' Bitch (1:44)  

                                         Maple Leaf Groove (2:34)

                                         Asselman Strikes (2:00)

                                         Lafayette Showdown (2:11)

                                         Leave Yourself To Chance (3:39)  

Snake Oil Pete & The Amusements

"Close To Jubilee"

Original Dust Bowl Musical

  Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (500 Copies)

  With Digital Download


   The Original Stage Show Film!

Travel back to the Dust Bowl, for the next incarnation of Pete & The Amusements!  This time eighteen incredible musicians hopped aboard Pete's musical caravan to bring to life an original medicine show invoking the spirit of Americana.  Adapting to the forces of the pandemic, a stage film presentation revealed itself as the most authentic choice of storytelling vehicle for Peter McGennis' next "movie album." Call it "snake oil" with an invigorating blend of original songs guaranteed to wash away the blues.   Steeped in everything Americana from gospel and blues to folk, the all-star list of musicians includes Alexis P. Suter, Erika Lewis, Dom Flemons, Johnny Sansone and Bruce Katz just to name a few.  If you cherish roots music and the Americana story, this limited edition record and film combo is a must.  Snake Oil Pete and the Amusements present "Close To Jubilee" as their musical film journey rides on!     

"Snake Oil Pete & The Amusements: "Close To Jubilee" (GAL-006) 

$29.95 US

                                         Side A

                                         On Maisy's Grave (3:34)

                                         Saucepan Rag (3:10)

                                         Snake Oil Pete (4:00)

                                         Momma Wants Some Voodoo Lovin' (2:56)

                                         Railroad Jim (3:02)

                                         The New Deal Blues (3:16)

                                         Side B

                                         Dust Bowl Woman (3:36)

                                         Choctaw Sunrise (4:37)

                                         Mandolina (5:23)

                                         Close To Jubilee (7:20)





"Close To Jubilee" is dedicated to Jerry Livingston.   Apart from being a phenomenal bass player, Jerry was a beautiful soul and an inspiration to so many of us here in Buffalo and beyond.  Jerry and Pete worked together on many musical film projects over the years all the way up through Jerry's battle with cancer while recording "Close To Jubilee."  Proceeds from this project will go to launching a music school foundation in Jerry's name in Buffalo.  His aura will always surround this project and shine a light on a greater spirit that connects all of us.  “We’ll get there.  We’ll get there. Hosanna keep awaitin’ for me.  We’ll get there.  We’ll get there.  Gettin’ close to Jubilee.” 

Pete & The Amusements

"St. Peter Street"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Volume I

​       Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (500 Copies)

  With Digital Download

"Pete & The Amusements" head down to New Orleans for a blues opera mystery and their next musical adventure.  Follow the funky path of a detective as the entourage time travels back to 1940 in search of clues.  The musical lineup is well-schooled in New Orleans tradition featuring master musicians the likes of saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, keyboard wizards Bruce Katz and Victor Wainwright along with stellar vocalists Erika Lewis and Alexis P. Suter.  Twenty-two musicians in all to kick off a new musical project comprising several New Orleans volumes and taking McGennis back to his family roots.              


"Pete & The Amusements: St. Peter Street" (GAL-005) 

$29.95 US  

                                         Side A

                                         Zirondelle (4:00)

                                         Pontchartrain Parable (5:34)

                                         Made For Noodlin' Round (4:07)

                                         Poo-yi (She Likes Dat Andouille (3:54)

                                         Shelter, Shelter (3:56)


                                         Side B

                                                  Diony Sis (6:02)

                                         Po-Po (It's Just A Fat Trombone) (3:09)                                                        Serenity Jane (4:20)                                                                                        Bless & Shelter Thee (5:44)


Pete & The Amusements

"Sunshine Dream"

"Laff In The Dark"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Volume II

​       Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (500 Copies)

  With Digital Download

   And "Fun City" Magazine Movie Prop!

"Pete & The Amusements" return to rock & shock the midway for their second LP release! As the prequel to their first "Laff In The Dark" record, McGennis delights with catchy tracks and unforgettable divas on the midway while his killer horn section knocks it outta' the park featuring legendary saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, Maurice Brown, Freddy V and Saunders Sermons.  Kofi Burbridge once again shines on keys and funky flute as this stellar studio project ensemble revives the spirit of 1970's rock opera with a one-of-a-kind rock n' roll revue!          


"Pete & The Amusements: Sunshine Dream" (GAL-004) 

$29.95 US  

                                         Side A

                                         Ricky The Barker (3:05)

                                         Raquel (2:58)

                                         Fun City Baby (2:37)

                                         Jenny Cream (3:10)

                                         Sugar Waffles (3:56)

                                         Sunshine Dream (4:16)

                                         Side B

                                         Jungle Ride (3:47)

                                         Red Hash Boogie (4:18)

                                         Hot Poutine (2:51)

                                         Charming Charlie (3:48)

                                         Trans Am Jane (6:27)



Commemorative Fun City Pin-Up Magazine Movie Prop featuring the glamorous divas of the midway.  Catch these SIDE A beauties in action alongside lyrics and much more!  A must for any rock n' roll First Pressing aficionado.  Included inside album jacket! 

Pete & The Amusments Laff In The Dark Al

Pete & The Amusements

"Laff In The Dark"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Volume I

       Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (500 Copies)

                            With Digital Download

Keeping in the same spirit of his original motion picture soundtracks, Peter McGennis steps out with a twelve piece band marking his first record as "Pete & The Amusements" who perform and appear in his rock opera "Laff In The Dark."  Teaming up again with master musicians like saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis and Kofi Burbridge, McGennis takes you on a fun, multigenre ride paying tribute to a beloved Canadian amusement park that played prominently in his youth before its demise.      


"Pete & The Amusements: Laff In The Dark" (GAL-003) 

$29.95 US  

                                         Side A

                                         Soul Sunshine Romance (5:55)

                                         Ro (4:20)

                                         Jimmy Bragg (3:58)

                                         Maid Of The Mist (5:31)

                                         Ridgeway Girl (3:00)

                                         Side B

                                         Laff In The Dark (3:23)

                                         Wasted Acres (3:44)

                                         Sizzler (4:08)

                                         Stone Pier Serenade (5:57)

                                         Canadiana (3:35)

                                         (Calliope Requiem) Laughing Sal (3:56)


"In his third movie, multimedia artist Peter McGennis pays musical homage to the early days of Blue Note and steel mill working class of Buffalo, NY.  His love letter to Buffalo took three years to independently produce, and it's worth every penny."       - Trina Calderon, Relix

"Queen City"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

       Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (2,000 Copies)


      The original soundtrack for Queen City evolved over the course of three years as the incredible list of musicians were recorded in conjunction with their filming. McGennis handcrafted all of the songs into his script to give Queen City a voice and to inject heart and soul to this one-of-a-kind, musical tribute that taps American roots of blues, jazz, folk and soul.

A Rustbelt Serenade performed by rhythm and blues legends and to be enjoyed by fans around the world!

"Queen City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (GAL-002) 

$25 US  

                                         Side A

                                         Queen City (7:00)

                                         Maria Muldaur

                                         Corvette Cleanin' Blues (2:38)

                                         James Cotton w/ Darrell Nulisch

                                         Patina (3:42)

                                         Peter McGennis w/ Caitlin Koch

                                         Pop's Storefront Church (4:49)

                                         Toni Lynn Washington

                                         Queen City Grind (3:14)

                                         Allen Toussaint


                                         Side B

                                         Queen City Blues (4:49)

                                         Jann Parker

                                         Last Of Her Kind (2:37)

                                         Susan Tedeschi

                                         Queen City Strut (3:14)

                                         Allen Toussaint

                                         Nitty Gritty, Queen City (3:32)

                                         James Cotton w/ Darrell Nulisch

                                         Belle Fleuve (2:58)

                                         Sharon Jones

                                         Rust Belt Woman (3:47)

                                         Magic Slim

QCSoundtrackJacket-r8 FINAL.jpg

"Bubble Girl"

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

​       Limited Edition Vinyl / First Pressing (1,000 Copies)

                            With Digital Download

       Getcha' bubblation creation on with the "Bubble Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" featuring Sharon Jones, Corey Harris and creator Peter McGennis.  Six years in the making, McGennis' passion project follows a young girl as she overcomes illness with the healing power of her imagination.  McGennis recorded "Feelin' Some Healin'" with Sharon before filming began to inspire and guide his journey.  "Bubble Girl" is dedicated in loving memory of Sharon who always encouraged McGennis as both an artist and friend.  This soulful collaboration also features stellar musicians Kofi Burbridge, Pee Wee Ellis, Saunders Sermons, Maurice Brown and the Bubblation Singers! 

"Bubble Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (GAL-001) 

$25 US  

                                         Side A

                                   Feelin' Some Healin' (9:07)

                                              Sharon Jones                                        


                                  Side B

                                  Medulla The Crab (2:35)

                                             Corey Harris

                                  Harley's Tune (2:54)

                                             Corey Harris

                                  Bubble Girl (3:36)

                                             Peter McGennis

Bubble Girl Sound JCKET.jpg
Queen City PosterV3.jpg
Queen City Music Poster.jpg

"Queen City"

Limited Edition Movie

(Blu-ray & DVD), Original Soundtrack CD and Music Poster!

​                 Limited Collector's Edition (1,000 Copies)




As the 1970's draw to a close, Queen City is in dire straights.  The steel mills are closed, people are leaving in droves and political corruption is rampant.  In the dead of winter, Detective "Jimmy" Brinker (Peter McGennis) sets out to expose mobsters with the help of savvy jazz singer Lady Midnight (Vivica A. Fox), slick private dick Takiri (Lyriq Bent) and  an incredible, one-of-a-kind musical cast including Susan Tedeschi, Allen Toussaint, James Cotton, Sharon Jones, Maria Muldaur, Magic Slim, Toni Lynn Washington and others.  Steel town blues never sounded so good in this campy 1970's infused musical homage. 


Rustbelt Woman Work It One Mo' Time!




Queen City Limited Edition (Film, Music, Poster)

$29.95 US  


- Dual Layer Blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound and subtitles for        Spanish, French and English.

- DVD included (Film and all Special Features).

- Special Features include a "Where Are They Now?" Tribute to Magic Slim, Director's Commentary, Slide Show Funk, Trailer and more surprises.

- Deleted Scenes and Music Performances from both Movie & Premiere!

- CD (Original Soundtrack) featuring 14 total tracks from Sharon Jones, Allen Toussaint, Magic Slim, Susan Tedeschi, James Cotton, Maria Muldaur, Toni Lynn Washington, Jann Parker, Peter McGennis and more.

- Numbered Souvenir Premiere Ticket.

- Original Soundtrack Poster (11.5" wide x 17.5" tall).


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