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Getcha' bubblation creation on with the "Bubble Girl Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" featuring Sharon Jones, Corey Harris and creator Peter McGennis.  Six years in the making, McGennis' passion project follows a young girl as she overcomes illness with the healing power of her imagination.  McGennis recorded "Feelin' Some Healin'" with Sharon before filming began to inspire and guide his journey.  "Bubble Girl" is dedicated in loving memory of Sharon who always encouraged McGennis as both an artist and friend.  This soulful collaboration also features stellar musicians Kofi Burbridge, Pee Wee Ellis, Saunders Sermons, Maurice Brown and the Bubblation Singers! 

"Bubble Girl" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

SKU: 6 59696 44791 2
  • First and only pressing.  Marks the first Galora label record ever pressed.

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